Los Angeles and Woodland Hills Attorneys for Uninsured Motorsists Cases / Uninsured Drivers

Many drivers out there have either no liability insurance at all or the bare minimum required by the state – $ 15,000.00. If you are unfortunate enough to be seriously injured by one of these drivers, you will recover either zero dollars or not enough to compensate you for your injuries.

This is why we strongly urge all of our clients to purchase Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist insurance through their own insurance carrier. DO NOT assume you already have it. It is not required. It is an optional coverage.

Let’s say the person who hits you has a minimum $15,000.00 policy and you have a $ 50,000.00 Uninsured Motorist policy. After we collect the underlying $15,000.00 from the at fault driver, we can then collect up to $35,000.00 in additional compensation for you from your own policy. If the driver had no insurance, we could collect up to $50,000.00 from your policy. These claims DO NOT affect your rates. The only thing that affects your rates is if you were at fault.

From our main law office in Woodland Hills, California, or from our satellite law offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, the Law Offices of McMahon and Allgreen can help.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist insurance is an optional coverage. Do not assume you already have it!

We at McMahon & Allgreen have successfully represented injured clients for over 20 years. Uniquely, both partners have also been employed as trial attorneys for major insurance companies defending against these very types of cases. This gives us a distinct advantage in obtaining the largest possible settlements and verdicts for our clients from insurance companies. Just as in criminal law where the best defense attorneys have prosecutorial experience, the most effective personal injury attorneys have experience working for the insurance companies on the other side.

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