Sexual harassment comes in many forms. All of them can be devastating to you and your job. We can make it stop. The first step in many cases is to file a “ right to sue letter “ with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. It is important to make sure that notice of what is happening goes up the chain of command as far as possible to ensure company responsibility for the acts of a co worker or immediate supervisor.

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The first step in many sexual harassment cases is to file a “right to sue letter” with the CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

We at McMahon & Allgreen have successfully represented injured clients and victims of harassment for over 20 years. Uniquely, both partners have also been employed as trial attorneys for major insurance companies defending against injury attorneys. This gives us a distinct advantage in obtaining the largest possible settlements and verdicts for our clients from insurance companies. Just as in criminal law where the best defense attorneys have prosecutorial experience, the most effective personal injury attorneys have experience working for the insurance companies on the other side.

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