Boating and PWC / jet ski accidents are on the rise and occur in rivers, lakes, and the ocean. They tend to result in serious injuries including death and often alcohol is involved. Liability and insurance analysis for these cases is complex. Waterways that divide two states such as the Colorado river come under Federal Jurisdiction and are actually governed by the laws of admiralty! We can guide you through it.

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Liability and insurance analysis for boating and PWC accident cases are complex.

We at McMahon & Allgreen have successfully represented injured clients for over 20 years. Uniquely, both partners have also been employed as trial attorneys for major insurance companies defending against personal injury cases cases. This gives us a distinct advantage in obtaining the largest possible settlements and verdicts for our clients from insurance companies. Just as in criminal law where the best defense attorneys have prosecutorial experience, the most effective personal injury attorneys have experience working for the insurance companies on the other side.

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